i am dreaming

Posted: July 14, 2008 in ABSTRACT THOUGHTS /rendering of madness

`__ I am dreaming

Bro and I are making sand castles. We are not very close but this is serious business. The sand castle needs a tunnel and a big tunnel needs four hands. It must be ready before the rain comes and makes every thing a puddle.

`__I am dreaming.

My friend and I are out hunting. We are in for big kill. It is nearly dark. We walk around the chairs, under the bed, walk through the kitchen, suddenly we spot the dangerous teddy. But no one can scare us. We return with smoking guns and the dead teddy.


I am dreaming.

Grandma is sitting with her favorite grandson on her lap. (Of course me) Tales of yonder land. I drift into the mysterious lands. The monster. I kill the monster. I am the hero.

I am dreaming.

Dad and I are walking. I am holding his hand lest he falls down. The streets are bad nowadays. People tend to get lost and I don’t want to lose my candy man. Dad is scared so he is always carrying ma around so stranger may not hurt him. Don’t worry, dad I’ll protect you. First just let me figure out how to hold my pants from falling.

I am dreaming.

It is raining like hell. There is a big flood. Everyone is worried. I build a big ship. I’m the sailor man. My ship sails across the water. I save everyone with my paper boat.

I am dreaming. Still dreaming…


dreaming dreaming dreaming __`


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