life continues…

Posted: July 14, 2008 in POEMS /futility of words

life stretches..
through the passage
the open door
near the brink
yet so far

but it was never so nauseating
until you realise
no one is yours
blood speaks
utters the foul word
waiting for the sun to set
the birds to fly
sleep calls
but day stretches
sleep eludes
you look through the words
plane paper glass
fragile, false
strange yet known
red rose, hidden thorn
breaks the skin
blood flows

you walk through the glory
walk through the dawn

useless emotions
finds no ear
you keep shouting
no one hears
you find people
find no soul

love finds no call
dies a lonely death
people wants no soul
for materials they fret

no one understands
a lone fly
embraces the fire
heart beats a silent tune
wish a fly
you could be
smiles shows the happy face
covers the sad soul
emotional mire
in you
try not to venture…

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