may7black who?

Posted: July 14, 2008 in ABSTRACT THOUGHTS /rendering of madness


is this what i am ? am just a name? well, agreed my so called “real” name is not “MAY7BLACK”. but will my saying john or rohan change i just a jumble of letters and will that make any sense. won’t i remain one out of the millions of johns and rohans out there. all mixed up together. and someone said the other day that i have a face. what, i said. a face. a pair of eyes, a nose, a mouth. is that all a face is.i call hamburg. aface gives you nothing. aface is like a mask. you never know what is hidden behind. a smile doesn’t always mean that you are happy. a frown doesn’t always mean that you are sad.a face is a paradox.well, agreed that no two faces are same .but faces don’t seperate you either. faces are clay masks that crumble in the wind. faces are paintings that fade in water. is my face just a mask like the millions and millions of other masks. AM I NO DIFFERENT??

and someone out there will shout that a face and a name gives an identity. wow! an identity. like the identidy card i have with my face beaming out and my name boldly written across. and is this tag that i have to carry. so like every dog, i too a tag: an identity to identify myself. to diffenciate myself from others. but i don’t want to be different. I DON’T WANT TO BE SOMEONE SOMEBODY. i don’t want to be different just because i have been given an identity.

and this is what binds people.

some say that they got there freedom on 15th august, 1947, others say on some other day. but i laugh at you all. ARE YOU FREE?
hey, man, you have your tag. you are not free. your identity is your shakles. you are someone somebody. you can’t run. you can’t fly.

you can’t do what i can!

i am a free bird. but i don’t need wings to may think me to be some kind of psycho who has lost his mind.(well, kind of describes me apt….but no, i’ll never accept it.)

papa don’t preach. i am no mamam’s boy. i don’t want to heed the line. i don’t want to sand and hail someone i don’t like. and i can afford not to. i can afford to play the game and see who wins and who loses. i can afford to test my luck and see whether i get heads or tails.

because i am free.

no name can tag me. no face can mask me. no identity can catch me. because i am not SOMEONE SOMEBODY. i can run. i can fly.

i am no mark that can be rubbed off. i am no past of the history. no erudite tomes hides me. i am no two sentences of the past that can be forgotten. i have escaped all bondages. i have crossed all barriers. i am a free spirit. i am the present. i will create the future.

and when the time comes, i will be happy that i never remained just a name; just an identity; just a mark.

death will find MAY7BLACK prepared.

i don’t give excuses for what i do. i do what i want to do. i give a damn what people think. this is what i call freedom.


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