Posted: July 14, 2008 in ABSTRACT THOUGHTS /rendering of madness

our dear friend Plato (as one of our professors at JNU likes to call him) once said “nothing in this mortal world is worthy of great concern”.
now was that Plato’s existential angst against the uber-slick ways of life. you know -sex, rock n roll and “science”. or my post-facto reaction would be that it was his reply (middle finger) to the oppession, repression, et al -sion….

dearest diary,
i am supposed to write something. now i do try and make kinda febble attempt at writing something classy and cool(sometimes spelt with “k”) but the crass and the base is basically my base. what really happened today was the heavens conspired against me and i coludnt attend my canadian fiction class in the morning. though the bottle of smirnof i had last night did play a little part in the conspiracy. but then i am just a petty mortal i can only blame the heavens and not the ISI as our holiness the almighty politician.
well i’m not really worried that i missed a class today. but then i havent been to the class the whole semister actually makes the professor ask the inevitable question. “are you in my coyrse”.
that my friend is NOT my favourite question. [questions like “do u want a zippo as a b’day gify” and “where do i keep the wine bottle” do find favours with me]

anyways cha cha. red salute.
nothing matters……. what?


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