tears of a broken dream

Posted: July 14, 2008 in POEMS /futility of words

a smile.
you were my smile.
rays of my morning sun.
star in the darkest sky.
you were my strength
when i fell down.
you were my hope
when the world turn’d around.
joy of my being.
happiness of my living.

you would make faces
on the zeros i got.
you would hold my hand
and make me feel.

we would sit for hours
talk about nothing.
we would fight
then laugh like stupids.

in your eyes
i found the strength
to win battles.
in your heart
i found the care to love everything.
in your smile
i found the zeal
to break all barriers.

i saw a dream.
a dream of being together
i would dream for hours.
time would fly.
know not where.
you and i.
together always.
for each other.
made proomises
to myself.
never to see you sad.
never to see you cry.
walk on the path
to someplace. somewhere.
know not where.
but to walk together.

but the dream broke.
you turned around
and waved goodbye.
i know not why?
was i wrong.
did i wish for dreams
i had no right to wish for.
did i hurt you.
i swear.
i didn’t mean to.
just tell me my fault.
i will change myself.
i was gaming with you??
but i can’t.
how can i game wih
the person i care the most.

where did i go wrong.
i lost you.
impossible dreams.
i always have.
am i just a scrap of paper
throw aside.
i don’t know.

who will be my smile now.
who will hold my hand.
who will be my hope
when the world turns around.
now when the whole world around me
has crashed down…


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