god dearest

Posted: July 15, 2008 in POEMS /futility of words

i look up the sky. god,you don’t reply.
big tears fill my eye i wanna know ,why?
i swear. i curse.you are too harsh.
hey,hey,where are you?
been waiting for years few.
i just stare up the sky.and hopes i tie.
the answering machine doesn’t work
i just stand. some kinda jerk.
god’s not home.gone to roam.
i say, what’s up?
wanna fill life’s cup.but you don’t reply.
you left me.goodbye.
i shout. i plead.
god i need.worries and pain makes me insane.
unspoken dreams.haunt again.
i swear by cold eyes.
you told all lies.
now when i need you. you don’t give a view.
you were all i ever had.
but you think i am mad.
i wish i could be.and i wanna see.
my friend. my love.
life with a silly curve.
one more night you’ll say.
maybe jan or damn may.
may. i was born.
happy face with a scorn.digging into the dirty past.
slow life went too fast.
got wings beneath me.so you could see.
wanna fly away.but stupid lines to say.
stop playing. i air.
but you don’t care.another guy at the door.
one look and no more.
but just hide.the old man just died.
am kinda psychodoing another show?
you just stupid smile.somewhere away. a mile.
i have been waiting.
a silly tune i sing.these simple words i say.
you just don’t sway.
ashes on fire.
you play the damn sire.
you are not there you don’t care.
just a stupid dream i had.
dreams always turn bad.
i kept waiting in the winter dew.
i hate everything about you.
end of road.
found no life’s code.lost to life.my.
you’re not there.you don’t reply….


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