Posted: July 15, 2008 in POEMS /futility of words

so you  saw a dream
little flowers
white shells
pocket stars and fistful sand
you woke up
and dream collapsed
into broken mirrors and church bells
the star flew away
the sand slipped through
ha. saw it somewhere
the lexicon maybe
i don’t want to help
i don’t wish you to be happy
i’ll see you cry. you sad.
you’ll lose
and when you have lost everything
you’ll be free
then you’ll be me
together then
we’ll again drown our happiness
in the sea-shells
a forest fire
and you’ll die
i’ll hate you, you know that.

one day you’ll creep into my dreams and i yours. till then will be friends. then strangers forever.
  1. songofsea says:

    Good one!!

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