instructional designer

Posted: December 3, 2009 in ABSTRACT THOUGHTS /rendering of madness

i work at Kaplan.

i am working as an instructional designer.

what am i designing? well i am designing prototype human babies.

well human have stopped being humans. so there is an obvious need to create humans. so my job is to identify the markers that have failed the logins of humanity and there recreate a newer and somewhat more effective human qualities. yeah it is a controversial endeavor but then that’s what the job entrails. so i create/ design such prototype human babies.

how are you? what are you doing now?

i wasn’t born….am a soul!

that’s the tragedy of my (non-heroic) life. people think i am funny while i intend to be serious. i need to be taken seriously.

what do you mean by you weren’t born. you are soiled?

oh my mistake. you wrote you are a soul. i thought you said i am soiled. my apologies.

the season’s changing temperaments are apparent in me cause got a bad cough and cold!

a sneeze would blow the dirt around. welcome to the fairy land.
fever would walk hand in hand and slide through the rabbit hole and meeting alice there will get lost in the wonder world.


but that’s a really nice question. i.e what do i want to do?

i want to cut a paper into a million pieces and stick them back.
i want to jump from the seventh floor and never reach the ground.
i want to fish on clouds.

maybe these or maybe wishes a hundred more.
but most of all i just want to know what i really want.
just for once i want to have a dream.

* i wish i could sleep and wake up in that dream.


wow……why do i feel as if i have heard these lyrics before?


because everything sound the same. reads the same. there is no new rhythm to anything anyways. do you expect my writing to sound new. ha. you shouldn’t.


you are a nice person.

(what the fuck does that mean any way?)


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