in conversation with ‘someone’

Posted: February 3, 2010 in ABSTRACT THOUGHTS /rendering of madness

how am i?

well the exact answer is i don’t know.

and all that talk about job n things. i just was kidding. i don’t really care about job. and it isn’t really tough to get a job. it just that i love to cry about how sad my life is that’s all.

and who told you that i am good with words. i am not. check out this new site of mine

well the fact of matter is that even by JNU standard i was weird. but i am not really weird. actually i am quite normal. well not just normal but recycle. aren’t we living in the plastic ages. we are the recycle bin of the glorious history. and i am just another polythene. if even by being weird (and thereby unwanted) i stand out. i don’t wish for that to happen. it would destroy everything i stand for. and what do i stand for. well. i don’t stand for anything. no cause. no logic. no magic. no nirvana. no final answer.

ah… the comfort of being a non-being.

according to you god has planned our meeting. that’s cute. so be it. let our figments of imagination rule our glorious destiny.

*that reminds me. watched inglorous bastards (tarantino). brilliant movie. a classic tarantino.

what else?

people make too much out of happiness. and you know why. because people have quite unique and abstract ideas about what that is. anyways if my unhappiness displeases you. then i shall refrain from being unhappy in front of you. i shall hid any hint of sorrow that might cause you to feel uneasiness. (it sound so cute.)


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