reinventing the other self to mirror image

Posted: February 8, 2010 in DIALECTICS /often a talk with myself

i don’t want to invent myself at this stage of my life.
why do i feel as if this is the end.
the stars have started shedding.
dust everywhere.
is this the spring that lost its flowers.
maybe i lost all the was me.

oh dear me. dear pluto panes. can you?

please kay,

please don’t accuse me of leaving or changing or moving away.
when did i do that. haven’t i been there always. haven’t i answered whenever you called. haven’t i felt sick every time you were.

but why do you forget that every good thing comes to an end. i know what is between us is beautiful and it always will be. but then i am just another phase of your life. and you need to move on. thank you for loving me when i least deserved it. you were never mine, Kay. i can not hold on to you. i want you to be free. i want you to BE. every sad chapter of present will become great tales for tomorrow. never lose yourself because of anyone else.

somewhere in this lovely fucked up world i will be miss you when i look at the stars or a crow.

sorry for everything. this is not a goodbye note. this is a love letter.


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