the last letter.

Posted: February 8, 2010 in QUOTE UNQUOTE /words spoken by strangers
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would you walk the roads with me today at 3

cause i wont see another evening here..

there wouldnt be another tea stall..

u finally got rid of the lecherous tea..

and i finally got rid of the waiting…

waiting as the butterflies would bubble every evening at 5…

how to convince u to meet me today?

waiting as my office ends…

waiting for u may..

like the two crows after their daily chores…

find a spot to celebrate the evening..

and find their way back home…

i would rid u from that boring routine..

u wouldnt feel stuck again..

u wouldnt fight or find a topic..

we would ever behave like a husband wife…

ull never perhaps visit te public loo..

im sure it’l miss u everyday…

and i may…

i would miss you too…

i would miss our daily ritual too..

i would sit today in the afternoon near the fountain wall..

staring at my face today instead of yours..

i would miss the samosas, and the maagi that tasted so yum..

i would miss stuffing u with food and smoke..

i would miss fighting with u just to break ur silence..

i would miss raising a topic that makes no sense..

just to ensure.. to are there and that u are well…

i would miss laughing and concluding that life is funny..

i would miss the cold, your soar throat and your sexy voice…

i would miss your comments, your taunts..

i would miss being silent…

i would miss this too…

our randomn non sensible mail conversations..

cause i wouldnt be able to access mails as soon as i reach..

and i wouldnt wait to come to office..

just to open my gmail…

i will miss you may..

will u really always be there with me?

- agent kay


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