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after the party

Posted: November 14, 2010 in POEMS /futility of words

comes home drunk

and gets stoned here

words slander into one another

still few more puffs of the herb

would do wonders for the sleep

left the door open

or was it shut?

gets up

does the ritual

climb the stairs

latch the door


outside world off for the night

or is it day?

the love of the basement


days into the nights.

night perpitual

almost transcending laziness

of the night.

forgets to sleep.

the boy sighs

another day into the pleasing crowd.

last drags of the herb

with the other creatures

of the night day conundrum.

twenty cards of notice

handed out to twenty people

probably someone or everyone

will know him tomorrow.

the boy who shut

the latched door again


day spent in the bar

passing out free beer coupons

to needy young girls in distress

tomorrow they will know me


by then he would be long gone.

all dreams don’t come true

and the barely few which do

takes a awful lot

out of the boy.

Sleep happens randomly

“just like that”

as they say on the television.

grins like a silly child.

Stoned and drunk,

he exclaims.

for all purpose done,

he accepts.

he throws his sillyness

in your face.

goes to sleep on the couch.

wakes up.

shuts the laptop down

last cigarette.

“meet you tomorrow”

“maybe in 15 minutes”

“if i am unable to sleep,

that is”

he says.

just like they say in the movies.


#dedicated to Karan Krishna pande