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the universe is rather indifferent towards you and it is gonna remain the same till you stay interested. it’s true. my rather eccentric neighbor (who is only partly senile) told me so.

i am not the guy who has the answers. really, i don’t. ask my college professors. but i am the guy who has realized (after years and years of swinging between self-loathing and world hatred) that there aren’t any soluble solutions out there. sadly not even on the Tumblr. every question invariably leds to a plethora of even dirtier questions.

so where do i stand? what do i believe in?

i believe what my dear old friend Plato once said, “Nothing in this mortal world is worthy of great concern.

life renews itself everyday. there isn’t one life. there isn’t one me. there isn’t one you. we are just recyclable figments of imagination.

tomorrow will be another life.

we are but strangers lost in the haze of remembrance. life is always as we imagine it to be. aren’t we all actively constructing it everyday.