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would you walk the roads with me today at 3

cause i wont see another evening here..

there wouldnt be another tea stall..

u finally got rid of the lecherous tea..

and i finally got rid of the waiting…

waiting as the butterflies would bubble every evening at 5…

how to convince u to meet me today?

waiting as my office ends…

waiting for u may..

like the two crows after their daily chores…

find a spot to celebrate the evening..

and find their way back home…

i would rid u from that boring routine..

u wouldnt feel stuck again..

u wouldnt fight or find a topic..

we would ever behave like a husband wife…

ull never perhaps visit te public loo..

im sure it’l miss u everyday…

and i may…

i would miss you too…

i would miss our daily ritual too..

i would sit today in the afternoon near the fountain wall..

staring at my face today instead of yours..

i would miss the samosas, and the maagi that tasted so yum..

i would miss stuffing u with food and smoke..

i would miss fighting with u just to break ur silence..

i would miss raising a topic that makes no sense..

just to ensure.. to are there and that u are well…

i would miss laughing and concluding that life is funny..

i would miss the cold, your soar throat and your sexy voice…

i would miss your comments, your taunts..

i would miss being silent…

i would miss this too…

our randomn non sensible mail conversations..

cause i wouldnt be able to access mails as soon as i reach..

and i wouldnt wait to come to office..

just to open my gmail…

i will miss you may..

will u really always be there with me?

- agent kay

: burnt ashes of autumn leaves for rose petals.

hyacinths grew underneath my words
and snubbed their little faces
little deaths for little spaces
scratched and bled
blessed and fed
big lives for big bastards

Streaming down the narrow gulf..
Rushes unto the ocean wide..
Holding on to scattered visions…
Silence rushes by…

Compelled to break all bonds..
The cold will ruin the warmth…
And fallen away the wastefull rain…
Turned forever to snowfall….

The snow will fall to fill up the patches…
As the land below would cease to breathe…
And eternity would take to break the Ice..
No fire will turn on the Light..

Light the fire before Eternity Bonds..
And Slaves we become to the Immortal Wounds..

The night Approaches numb…
Cold is the wounded night…
Holding on to scattered visions…
Silence rushes by…

Pretty lies the snow so white..
Holding the Dark visions inside..
And poison is always slow and bright…
Until it colds the heart inside…

Unforbidden, the rain falls…
Sowes the land fresh…
Forbidden snow will soon cover..
The land forbidden to breath(e)…

And lying below my immortal soul…
Would freeze to eternity..

Falling from the bright blue sky…
Exhaling the cold windless nights…
Far from an unfaithfull ear
Whining away, the music dies…
Waving flakes make no noise…
Freezing all that comes and goes…
Silence hushes by…..

this saturday

Posted: February 3, 2010 in POEMS /futility of words
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this Saturday she turned around.
with hazed reflection of the day gone by
i irritate, she said
wasn’t for the dimming light i stayed back.

not for the heavy disgust that sets down with regret
if that’s all i get. for being me with you.
i rather leave now and never turn back.

Jus so that my may knows..
That kay know nothing of it..
Nor what makes man angry..
Nor what her words may pay,…
But jus so my may knows..
He is beyond all my words would say..
Cause words never held any barrier..
Nor could cause what humans worth make..
As so jus that my may knows..
What hurts is not that you say..
But to believe that words could still distinguish..
And untwine may and kay…

The Ruby broke
And it seemed like blood gushed forth from a vein
And the rosy wrist turned a chilled blue
And then purple…

The stone broke into a million pieces
And gave an impression of life.
The body turned pale and nervous
And gave an impression of death.
LIfe seemed like death
And death seemed like life.
The real and the imaginary mingled
And gave birth to fusion.
Fusion like a spider wove a web of life
And trapped myriad souls in it.
These souls baffled by the web of life and death
Became a part of an illusion themselves.
Feelings and sentiments were injected in them
That further disillusioned them
For an eternity..
Eternity, the Mother of all confusions
Never ending, never fading
Just moving on and on and on
Seems like nothing will come to an end
Seems like we’ll keep falling
Seems like we’ll never sleep on the comfortable bed of end
After the tiring journey of the web
Who knows
May be one day, just one day
Our particles will fade into the Existence
And we’ll die a natural death, and sleep peacefully,
Never dreaming, never feeling, just sleeping
In an inertia of eternity…
Hence you see,
It is a vicious circle
Never ending, never fading
Just moving and flowing.

a reply

Posted: January 28, 2010 in QUOTE UNQUOTE /words spoken by strangers
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” branches of broken trees and leaves that might have fallen..
flowers that you would hold every dream you live…
price that you pay, for being lost and remembered and yet remembered…
silence in words of lost animals, and rain soaked painless wounds..
memories that have fallen apart broken, vanquished to nothingness…
voices of broken glass gushing in with wind full of wisom of the rotten breathe…
preparatory speeces and farewell’s of sanefull minds distorted and damaged to images of new born and old very old cries…
they all belong to you..

Kay belongs to you…… ”


don’t listen to my whispers.
they lie.
about the spiders i caught at the wrong web.
about the time i spent swallowing spit.
about the anger i hid.
it is nothing but not old cobweb tales.

i die. i long. i see. i die again.
a wrong step into a wrong web.

don’t listen to my whispers
they don’t know what they talk about.


Posted: March 16, 2009 in POEMS /futility of words

A ray crossed into my room

And green went the snooty black dark

Crept into the red corner

And snarled and said

Weathering I will to shed

Some broken tears

With mocking words of the scarecrow

And take nest in your heart’s narrow nightmares.


Posted: March 16, 2009 in POEMS /futility of words

Below the green surface of tranquility

The un-nature-al breeds

Tender may be to the unseen eyes

But the white patches bleach

The hollow gums of the baby’s innocence

Forgets the larger graver real-ity.

busy bee

Posted: March 13, 2009 in POEMS /futility of words

busy went the bee.. scribbling and scratching…
silly went the bee,,,,
buzzing and humming…

from morn to night
from might to morn

wasnt the darkness in the day a matter
nor the lost light in the darkness.

busy went the bee.

the smell of the mist
the flowers of the yeast.

diseased and decayed
boiled and starched

the honey dew fell on the leaves

silly went the bee

bright and shadow
from the mist of the yeast

the mirror looked into thw mirror
and finding herself gone
wwent searching for herself
in the reflected image of a mirror-ed lie.
my why die bye die cry fly
busy busy busy busy went the silly silly silly bee.
scribbling and scribbling and scratching and scratching
diseased and decayed and boiled and starched
the yellow of the yeast of the mist

and then they laughed and sang and laughed and sang:

busy went the bee.. scribbling and scratching…
silly went the bee…
buzzing and humming…
busy busy busy busy went the silly silly silly bee.

sing me a song

Posted: September 10, 2008 in POEMS /futility of words

they sang to me

a dreamer they said

and i believed

long after that

after the trees fell and the tiles rusted away.

they asked me..

do not believe..

where am i?

Light white
Sun rays
Green leaves

Winged ants
Pressing of balls
Wired fans
Beeping temple

Dusty dusk
Iron rails
Moving blades
Starched shirts

Bleeding from within.
Fucked up.
Support- null.
Moulded as a robot.
Never to breathe.
Ideal human being.
Stretch skin to show smile.
Bring naturalness.
Ya. Now A out of A.

part two

Posted: September 10, 2008 in POEMS /futility of words
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Amnesia strikes the body

And blood oozes out

Through eyes of red

I stumble across a reality

Into the mire of gore

I search for the road

Into one rut of blood

I see through mire of red of blood of a reality

Then comes a sight of a red world

Across the haze of desire

The screamed through reality

Into the mud and the stink of the clay

Fill into me

I seem to know

Wish for the sight

The sight of strange

And the gaze of the chasm

Sear the search of the one

Then and now

Then and now

One drop of ecstasy of the…