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Posted: June 22, 2010 in POEMS /futility of words
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thin streams of smoke


chimney blocked

a cat house is on fire

the mountain broken into equal

halves of destruction

long way up

the peak

gurgling streams of water


dammed flow

a tiny ant hill gets flooded.


how swiftly does the vast stretches

of land passes by

the minute vastness of the nature

into one windowless motion

another life maybe.

no quest for mortality

or transcendence

a lousy after-word maybe.

this may not be the end

nor the beginning of another

journey to nowhere

passed away/ out

another flash of light would make

all this an obligatory passage

of time. maybe.

plunged in. a life.

someone outside the window

stares back at me

my reflection.

as a watermark on every passing image

a blot/ mark with each changing scenery

a re-invented self.

mining town

Posted: June 22, 2010 in POEMS /futility of words
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Dust covered green paint and mirrors

stare at you as you pass through

the scattered corridors of my house

a twenty hours journey by train

the old mining town now consumed

in illegal flames of the earth

the coal dust that brought

lives to the belt

is suffocating the kids now

happy faces and tired faces

wake up to the dust

my decades old house walls

bears it all.

: burnt ashes of autumn leaves for rose petals.

hyacinths grew underneath my words
and snubbed their little faces
little deaths for little spaces
scratched and bled
blessed and fed
big lives for big bastards

Streaming down the narrow gulf..
Rushes unto the ocean wide..
Holding on to scattered visions…
Silence rushes by…

Compelled to break all bonds..
The cold will ruin the warmth…
And fallen away the wastefull rain…
Turned forever to snowfall….

The snow will fall to fill up the patches…
As the land below would cease to breathe…
And eternity would take to break the Ice..
No fire will turn on the Light..

Light the fire before Eternity Bonds..
And Slaves we become to the Immortal Wounds..

The night Approaches numb…
Cold is the wounded night…
Holding on to scattered visions…
Silence rushes by…

Pretty lies the snow so white..
Holding the Dark visions inside..
And poison is always slow and bright…
Until it colds the heart inside…

Unforbidden, the rain falls…
Sowes the land fresh…
Forbidden snow will soon cover..
The land forbidden to breath(e)…

And lying below my immortal soul…
Would freeze to eternity..

Falling from the bright blue sky…
Exhaling the cold windless nights…
Far from an unfaithfull ear
Whining away, the music dies…
Waving flakes make no noise…
Freezing all that comes and goes…
Silence hushes by…..

this saturday

Posted: February 3, 2010 in POEMS /futility of words
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this Saturday she turned around.
with hazed reflection of the day gone by
i irritate, she said
wasn’t for the dimming light i stayed back.

not for the heavy disgust that sets down with regret
if that’s all i get. for being me with you.
i rather leave now and never turn back.

Jus so that my may knows..
That kay know nothing of it..
Nor what makes man angry..
Nor what her words may pay,…
But jus so my may knows..
He is beyond all my words would say..
Cause words never held any barrier..
Nor could cause what humans worth make..
As so jus that my may knows..
What hurts is not that you say..
But to believe that words could still distinguish..
And untwine may and kay…

The Ruby broke
And it seemed like blood gushed forth from a vein
And the rosy wrist turned a chilled blue
And then purple…

The stone broke into a million pieces
And gave an impression of life.
The body turned pale and nervous
And gave an impression of death.
LIfe seemed like death
And death seemed like life.
The real and the imaginary mingled
And gave birth to fusion.
Fusion like a spider wove a web of life
And trapped myriad souls in it.
These souls baffled by the web of life and death
Became a part of an illusion themselves.
Feelings and sentiments were injected in them
That further disillusioned them
For an eternity..
Eternity, the Mother of all confusions
Never ending, never fading
Just moving on and on and on
Seems like nothing will come to an end
Seems like we’ll keep falling
Seems like we’ll never sleep on the comfortable bed of end
After the tiring journey of the web
Who knows
May be one day, just one day
Our particles will fade into the Existence
And we’ll die a natural death, and sleep peacefully,
Never dreaming, never feeling, just sleeping
In an inertia of eternity…
Hence you see,
It is a vicious circle
Never ending, never fading
Just moving and flowing.

Surprise the wolves got the prize

At the sudden summer eve

Dressed in sheeps’ robe and all

The bird did they deceive

And for the prize they came

Riding on the horse

Cry a little. Gentle into the ear. Years mocking go by. Cry a little. Along the path. The beggars took you there. Cry a little. Feed a little. The hollow heart beats so clear. Cry a little. Die a little. Wouldn’t be time to fear. Cry a little. Die a little. Blood dripped. Smeared. Smeared. Smeared.


Posted: July 18, 2008 in POEMS /futility of words

lost today
waiting for tommorow
through darkness

the night flows

all fade together
has no name
faces merge
much the same

blank smog
engulf us
no one knows
frenetic rush

fear all dread
no way out
hope long dead

a new song?

Posted: July 18, 2008 in POEMS /futility of words

the birds have found a new song…

then why is it that i sing the same old tune again…

has the world changed or is it just me???

who sings when the birds die,
when the wings are cut
they can not fly…
were they for the open sky
or grovel in the dust
as the tears i cry

Sometimes I pretend that I can not see. I close my eyes and pretend
that I am blind. So I can not see people cry. Tears that make me sick.
Images that come back like some haunting movie. Nightmares of my life.
I pretend they are not there. Not around the corner. Not on the
streets. Not in the room. Nowhere. Nowhere.

Mirrors. Mirrors. Everywhere.

But sometimes I pretend I can’t see. I pretend that I am not crying.

Sometimes I pretend that I am deaf. I can hear no more. I can’t hear
the screams for help. I can not hear the cries of the dead. I can’t
hear the heart beat of fear. Of helplessness. The sound of death. No
not death. Something worse than that.

But I am deaf. I can hear no such noise. I pretend that I am listening
a sony walkman. All the time. Music. No cries.

Sometimes I pretend.

Sometimes I pretend that I can’t speak. I pretend that I can suffer
without speaking. Like others. I pretend that I am dumb. Words don’t
betray me. I feel but I can’t shout.

Sometimes I pretend that I can run. Sometimes I pretend that I can fly.

Sometimes I pretend that I’m not what I am.


Sometimes I pretend that the world is a pretty rose garden.

Sometimes I pretend that all stories end with : lived happily ever after.