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i see. james didn’t know the extend to which his wish would work. and then when he woke up from the dream. the fire wasn’t all that strong. burnt everything down. couldn’t work so well. the fire frooze him to his death.

<who was james?>

james. don’t tell me you don’t know james. james is jill’s friend. they used to play together when they were kids. they grew up together, you see. songs would they sing. such horrendous singing i must add. but beautiful. maybe even a bit happy. today james have lost all that was. and grew (if that is even a word). that was a great tale. wasn’t it?

<it was a sad tale.>

sad tale maybe. but it was beautiful. maybe even a bit happy.

talking again.

Posted: January 27, 2010 in DIALECTICS /often a talk with myself

i have answered
something that we are not interested in
the well being probably
the being happy
that being


if that is supposed to answer all that i asked for
then maybe it does
i hate it when i sound all poetic. it is so sick to sound all bullshit poetic.

<the answer to that was just extreme pain.. which lulled me to silence>

pain. isn’t that a fiction
of that i heard long back
about a fall.
about the sick sick feeling.
wasn’t that story that they wrote
a buzy road often not taken back gain.