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11:02 PM me: mirrors is buzy. you may be interrupting
11:03 PM mirrors: i stole it
11:07 PM me: aye aye captain
11:08 PM mirrors: in that case i really wanna be free now...
11:09 PM im so mixed up... i nt nw wht to do..
 me: u mean u want to lose ur pants on the street??/
 mirrors: dnt talk to me!!!!!
 me: ahhhh.. shame shame
11:10 PM mirrors: shut up
 me: why shudnt i talk to u??
 mirrors: dnt!!!!!
 me: by the by i'm not talking to u... u ae just reflecting thru my words... do i exist, stupid
  are u buzy??
  i seeeeeeeeeeeeeee
11:11 PM mirrors: i dnt want to exist.. i want to live... i want to live...
  i want to move on.. i want to live... i nt want to exist....
  so kill me
11:13 PM me: kay kay kay kay... my kay....
  who said u exist....
11:14 PM live with me... in moments... in...
  hey kay...are u in contact with>>> spriha??/
11:15 PM mirrors: i cant live with uuuuuuuuu
  no im not
  she is there in my profile though
  as u can see
11:16 PM me: tell me something did u notice the sky today evening
  tell me something did u wash ur hands after eating tonite
 mirrors: yes... there was this one part of the clous
11:17 PM me: tell me something which day is today..
  telll me something how many people did u see in the metro today
 mirrors: and............
 me: tell me something will u oneday write a testimonial for me
11:18 PM mirrors: wt are u tryin to say
  i dnt nw
  is that the answer
 me: i don't mean the orkut testimonial.. a real obituary
  wat don't u know... which question are u answering
 mirrors: i dnt nw
11:19 PM all questions
  i dnt nw any
 me: so u don't want to talk to me at all??
 mirrors: i dnt nw
11:20 PM me: oneday i'll turn silent...
11:21 PM mirrors: oneday i dnt nw wht will happen
  oneday will be oneday
  oneday will be just another day
  onedauy... ahhhh.. oneday bull shit?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 me: i want to
11:22 PM mirrors: what?
 me: nothing at all
 mirrors: what?
 me: i want to feel ur warm tears on my cheek
  forget it
11:23 PM mirrors: i will not cry
  oneday i will not cry
 me: don't
11:24 PM i hate u....
  always will
 mirrors: i dnt care
  never will...
 me: don't care.. it doesnt matter
11:25 PM mirrors:
 me: but i wud love to prove that to u... i will how much i hate u....
 mirrors: dnt.. never
 me: i'll write my death.
11:26 PM mirrors: no one nees to prove anythin
  and uuuuuuuuuu
 me: silence will be mine.
 mirrors: uu will never need to prove it
  silence was always mine
 me: but u don't care
  so don't care.
11:27 PM mirrors: i wont care
 me: i'll go and hide in my mirror.. behind the purple curtains n the steamy rain.
11:28 PM so u don't care about me..
  nor wat i do.
  do wats the shit....
  silence will me mine....
 mirrors: nt talk to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 me: death.....
 mirrors: dnt*
11:29 PM silence was mine and it will always be mine... i will kill u.. and only then will u be silent