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luck and me. we aren’t really close. once in a while we did sleep together. but then it’s been mostly one night stands. when she’s drunk at night, she pretends to like me but in the morn she hates my guts and stays away. she says she’ll call but she never does. that’s our sweet n SOUR love story.
but i don’t give a damn. i don’t even care.
when i was in the dramatic society of my college at DU, i always got the lead in the tragic plays. always the fallen. always the broken. always the discarded. maybe it was always a subconscious choice that was suppose to reflect my future. (but then Shahrukh Khan did say in that stupid movie : if someone wants something real bad then the universe conspires to make it happen el la Paulo Coelho ki jubani.)
so and therefore since i have always seen the half empty part of the saying, i think destiny (“Hahaha! gotcha, sucker”, said she with a smirk.) has finally decided to fulfill my wishes. and that’s why Gurukul Chottopadhyay always says: be very careful about what you wish for, it might come true.
and it has. i always liked the tragedy. i always reveled in the sadness. i always hated the happy stupid life. so voila. i get it. damned.
but as i said earlier i don’t care.

apathy is the greatest of all human virtues. indifference the manna to all maladies.