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what will i do with the money?


you ask me that question. there are three hundred and twenty eight plus one things that i can do with ‘the’ money.

i can buy a sack of potatoes and sell deep deep fried french fries outside India gate.

i can buy a street at CP and name it ‘red light area’

i can go on a backpacking trip to mcleodgunj and camp at Triund.(and i’ll take you with me.)

and you ask me what will i do with the money. shame on you.

but seriously speaking i don’t really have any idea how to get a job. never worked before. am like one of the manufacturing defect toys that never work.

my resume is blank. no experience. no qualification. no brains. no ability.

what if i worked as a bartender then i would always get to drink the leftovers.

anything. yes anything. all hints included. if i am paid right i am willing to do anything. that includes becoming a personal slave.